The Midnight Demolition of 172 Stanton Street
by Steve Zehentner

The Midnight Demolition of 172 Stanton Street is a chronicle of an illegal building demolition on New York City’s Lower East Side that was sanctioned and supervised by former New York City Mayor Rudolph Guiliani.  The article places the building’s demolition, the forced permanent eviction of legal rent-paying residents, the immediate destruction of all their possessions and the death of their pets, in the context of corporate real estate interests, the abuses of Mayoral power, and the total disregard of the U.S. Constitution.

Originally published by Seven Stories Press in the collection:

A Radical Social and Political
History of the Lower East Side

resistance book cover“This collection of writings and images documents the political history of NYC's Lower East Side, describing the lives and struggles of the radicals, artists, and immigrants that populated and politicized one of America's strangest and most beloved neighborhoods. Current and former residents of the neighborhood explore the social, political, and human landscape of one of America's most storied bohemia’s covering topics ranging from the early settlement houses and sweatshops to squatters, rioters, artists, activists, and organizers. Resistance is jam-packed with fascinating first-person accounts of the battles, triumphs, failures, and lives of a neighborhood that is rapidly being lost to gentrification.”  – Seven Stories Press

Edited by Clayton Patterson, Alan Moore, Joe Flood. Co-Editor: Jody Weiner

In the Trenches with Penny Arcade
by Steve Zehentner

In the Trenches with Penny Arcade is an essay that characterizes the twenty-year artistic collaboration, friendship and shifting ground between designer/director Steve Zehentner and theater artist Penny Arcade. Since 1992, the two have created a body of work that has been presented in over thirty cities around the world, from New York City’s Pyramid club to the Sydney’s Opera House.  In the Trenches illuminates how they developed their signature work, Bitch! Dyke! Faghag! Whore!

Originally published by Semiotext(e):

Bad Reputation
Performances, Essays, Interviews

PArcade BookCover“A runaway at thirteen, a reform-school graduate at sixteen, a performer in the legendary New York City Playhouse of the Ridiculous at seventeen, and an escapee from Andy Warhol's Factory scene at nineteen, Penny Arcade (born Susana Ventura) emerged in the 1980s as a primal force on the New York art scene and an originator of what came to be called performance art. Arcade's brand of high camp and street-smart, punk-rock cabaret showmanship has been winning over international audiences ever since. This autobiographical trilogy of plays represents her at her best.” - Semiotext(e)

Scripts by Penny Arcade. Foreword by Ken Bernard.  Essays by Chris Kraus, Sarah Schulman and Steve Zehentner.  Afterword by Stephen Bottoms